Indie Records update

A bonus bag of updates from Indie Recordings today. I’m in a rush so excuse the bulk post!

Iskald release their first single “Nidingsdåd” from the upcoming epic album Nedom Og Nord today. Hear it here:

Nedom Og Nord will be out on January 10th.

Indie Recordings are proud to announce the signing of the Norwegian Black Metal act Vredehammer. Having been a promising act in the underground scene for several years, Vredehammer has taken the step into the big league.

Enjoy a taste of their new record due out spring 2014:

Cult Of Luna release the Vertikal collection on digital services today! Vertikal l & ll is  a collection of the critically acclaimed releases Vertikal and Vertikal II. Now out on SpotifyWiMP and iTunes.

Both albums got great reviews like:
“Vertikal is again an excellent and adventurous album” – 83/100 Aardschok
9/10 in Metal Hammer Norway

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