New Band of the Day: Lagerstein

Lagerstein - Drink 'Til We Die
Lagerstein – Drink ‘Til We Die

Plucked at random from a facebook post by Kataklysm with whom they’re playing a few dates in Australia around now. One look at Lagerstein and you can tell they’re a party band. Hell, the name pretty much means “beer glass”.

They’re a seven piece with an additional six session members which could make for quite the party. It’ll be a pirate party as they play “drinking folks pirate metal”, but that’s hardly a bad thing.

Of course, the first thing people with think is “Alestorm“, but aside from the vague piratical connection they really couldn’t sound much more different. Lagerstein are a bit more punky/bouncy – think Reel Big Fish. Ish.

Here’s hoping they do well enough tour abroad again (they’ve been over in 2012, but not to the UK that I’m aware of) because they look like a band I’d enjoy live. Click, listen, take a shot, move on to the next track, neck a beer, next song *hiccup*…

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