A bad time for bassists?


It’s been a rough month so far in the metal world with three bassists passing in a matter of days, and the anniversary of the death of another on this very day three years ago.

There’s little I can write that’s not already appeared on umpteen other web sites and facebook posts, so I’ll simply say a heartfelt “rest in peace and thanks for the awesome tunes – your music will live on and be enjoyed by thousands more, even though you’re not around to give us any new shit!”

Neil Smith (April 7th 2013, aged 60)

Peter Steele (Jan 4th 1962 – April 14th 2013)

Chi Cheng (July 15th 1970 – April 13th 2013)

Slawomir “Mortifer” Archangielskij (April 10th 1985 – April 6th 2013)




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