New Band of the Day: Stahlsarg


Another random find on the Book of Face, courtesy of a friend request and some nosey-ing around.

Stahlsarg are a black/death metal band from darkest… erm… Suffolk. Hey, Suffolk can be pretty dark. It brought us the patron saint of England (St Edmund) before he was superseded by a Turk called George. Edmund was killed by invading Danes which is pretty metal, if you ask me.

More specifically, they’re based in Ipswich which was home to one Bobby Robson for many successful years so will always get nod of favour from me.

History lesson over, back to the music. Stahlsarg rose from the ashes of another band, Eastern Front, in 2012. Their aim to focus on songs based on the events of WWII – so in a way, a kind of black metal Sabaton. They mix classical sounds with traditional death sounds to produce something as black, heavy and scary as Samuel L. Jackson‘s scrotum.

Currently they have one track recorded and available to listen to (and embedded below), “Damocles XIII”. See what you think, and if you enjoy then the best place to get more info is their only official web page (yes, it’s the facefart one). There are links there to pretty much every other social media site!

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