New Band of the Day: 3 Parts Dead

3 Parts Dead
3 Parts Dead

Dateline Boston (what does “dateline” mean, anyway?). Red Socks. Bars where everyone knows your name that are so good even The Wildhearts sing about them.

And 3 Parts Dead, a band who play rock’n’roll. No bells. No whistles. Just guitars, bass, drums and singing. Why mess with a classic formula, yes?

Their 5-track EP demonstrates a style reminiscent (to me) of G’n’R before they went shit (i.e. when they became “Axl and Friends”). While not scaling the heights of an undisputed classic like Appetite for Destruction, it’s a damn good showcase nonetheless.

With a decent mix of tracks culminating in the speedy and dirty “Tattoo’d Toy” (which actually brings to mind Faster Pussycat), it’s definitely worth giving a listen to. And, obviously, purchasing for a measly four dollars of US origin. People in more affluent countries wipe their arse on toilet roll worth more than that each time they poop. Trust me, your money would be far better spent on these very excellent five songs.

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