New Band of the Day: Norma Jean


Six albums down the line and I only just hear of them. This is one of the blessings / curses of this job. I get to hear about new-to-me music, and then I feel gutted that I’ve got fifteen years of a band’s history to catch up on.

Norma Jean are a prime example. They just released Wrongdoers (in the US at least – UK/EU peeps can wait until September 9th), a sample of which you can find below. Along with ten other tracks, this is a great slab of metalcore and certainly grasped me enough to want to have a dig for their older material.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia (the US state, not the Eastern European country) they’ve been on the go since 1997 and feature just one of the original members. Their sound has changed over the years, as you’d expect, but there’s nothing wrong with this current release – even though, according to the band, it nearly broke them!

If this is your type of music, and Norma Jean are a band you’ve not checked out before, then I recommend you start digging. They sound angrier than a bag of recently-poked badgers being held over an open flame.

More details via the usual facefart page.

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