New Band of the Day: My Extraordinary

My Extraordinary

No idea how I found out about this band – just a random pathway through YouTube of Facebook, probably. They hail from God’s country (that’s Newcastle upon Tyne, by the way – all other claims are false and should be ignored) and play the nicely vague category “alternative rock”.

They’re also doing well enough to have a 7-track E.P. out and have been getting airplay on Kerrang! TV. Despite this (Kerrang died for me the day they put Eminem on the cover), they’re still pretty damn good.

One thing they aren’t is heavy. This is definitely a “rock” band, but one with a great variety in their sound. I have friends I know who will hate them. Likewise, I have others who’ll really like them. In terms of heaviness I’d put them next to Linkin Park on the heavy-o-meter. They also have a slight electronic undertone which reminds me of the Californian sextet.

My Extraordinary have a bundle of videos available on YouTube. I’ve linked to the most recent one, though I actually prefer “The Hero That Walked Away“. More info on the usual facefart page.

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