New Band of the Day: Bloodrocuted

Bloodrocuted – Doomed to Annihilation

How could I not want to feature a band with a name as utterly mental as “Bloodrocuted“? I mean, how do you bloodrocute someone? Fill their veins with liquid iron and then zap them with a cattle prod so their veins explode?

Plus, their album sleeve features a wonderfully old-school Eddie-esque semi-rotted mascot wearing a denim jacket. The patches on it are from other Belgian bands.

So not only a great name, but supporting their national scene as well. That’s two big ticks in the “are this band cool or what?” chart.

Their “influences” list reads like a who’s who of classic thrash and it comes through in their sound. Nice, simple and fast with the occasional little break for the guitars to plop in a solo before launching off into hyperspeed again.

It’s nothing special and that’s what makes it so good. Why mess with a winning formula? It’s just great thrash, pure as the driven nails.

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