New Band of the Day: M.A.I.R.

M.A.I.R. - Ear Ape Age
M.A.I.R. – Ear Ape Age

I’ve been meaning to do these guys for ages, especially as they sent me a copy of their EP. And because their bassist does my tattoos. For some reason I kept forgetting, so I’m making sure I do them now!

M.A.I.R. are Glasgow-based and I was expecting them to be quite death-metally given Miranda’s tastes. However, they’ve got far more groove and come across more Pantera / Texas Hippie Coalition than Cerebral Bore. In fact, just checking their facebook page and they describe themselves as “groove metal” so I’ve hit the nail on the head.

I have yet to catch them live die to other commitments on the numerous dates they’ve played since I found out about them. Sod’s law. I am reliably informed that they rock. Very indeedy. Proof is in the fact that they’ve made their way into the final of a local Battle of the Bands, the prize for which is a slot at Bloodstock Open Air.

Give ’em a listen and if you like them, go and see them. I might even make it to one of their live shows one of these days… Do note that the live videos of the on YouTube don’t do their sound justice. Head for the aforementioned facebook page and click on BandPage or Band Profile to get a decent quality for your earholes.

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