New Band of the Day: The Gentlemen Bastards

The Gentleman Bastards

Bill from the band dropped me a line (and liked the Moshville Times facebook page – always a bonus) to tell me about the American stoner rock band he’s a member of. That band is The Gentlemen Bastards and they make a nice change of pace from the large number of thrash and death bands I’m ploughing through (and enjoying!) at the moment.

They’re an international mix with two Americans, a Canadian tub-thumper and an Icelandic bass player. Regardless of your opinion of bluesy rock, this final fact gives them categorical metalness. Any rock band containing someone from Iceland is metal. End of.

Not that they need any help in this field. They sound great. You can preview their album on their Bandcamp page, and purchase it for a ridiculously low sum of money if you like it (seriously – $1 for the download, $5 for TWO copies of the CD? For fuck’s sake, how are these guys not destitute?!).

Each track chugs along like a slow, rhythmic, greasy four-stroke engine attached to a steam train. Relentlessly head-noddy and so easy to get into that by the time you’re half way into a song you feel like you’ve listened to it a dozen times.

My personal favourite is “Motorcycle Song”, but it’s got some competition from… erm… most of the rest.

Think they sound like your kind of thing? Check for yourself… Then look them up on facebook.

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