Band of the Day: The Lightness of Being

When listening to Diversions, the upcoming EP from alt-rock quartet The Lightness of Being, you would be forgiven for thinking that each of the three songs present were performed by three different artists. So broad and varying is each track that they all manage to stand out in their own light, with no two tracks blending in to one another. Diversions is the third EP from the London-based group who perform in an almost post-grunge style, drawing on elements from classic rock and more contemporary sounds, infusing the two to make something entirely new.

Opening with “Bottomfeeder”, listeners are immediately thrown in at the deep end. The track begins with a rolling, crunchy, and wickedly heavy riff which washes over you, forcing listeners to submit. The riff continues throughout the track, a way which The Lightness of Being seemingly have constant control over you, ensuring that you hear every single thing that they wish you to.

Countering the weighty, almost viciousness of “Bottomfeeder” is “Cave”, a slow, melancholic track which, rather than force you to listen through angry rock, peaks your interest with its mysterious style of play. “Cave” is full of long, sweeping notes, laden with reverb, creating a real feeling of isolation when listening. The track continues this way until two thirds of the way through, when the entire track amps up, the music growing louder, the instruments becoming more fierce, the vocals more solid. This is all in keeping in the style of “Cave” however, and creates a feeling that you are listening to the evolution of a track unfold. A masterful demonstration as to the full capabilities of alt-rock.

Closing the EP is “Refute”, a track which really manages to encapsulate the “short but sweet” anecdote. “Refute” starts out fast, and never lets up until its final beat. Encompassing a sound which I cannot help but liken to that of the early Foo Fighters, “Refute” can really only be described as being a damn good rock track; definitely one to be played at parties!

The Lightness of Being have hit it out of the park with Diversions, an EP which manages to be absolutely choc-full of differing styles, despite comprising of only three tracks. When Diversions hits stores on June 1st, listeners are surely in for a treat.

Diversions is due to be released on the 1st of June.

The Lightness of Being: official | facebook | twitter | myspace | bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube

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Sam West
Sam West
April 25, 2018 4:07 PM

Thanks very much for your thoughtful and kind review! We’re very glad you enjoyed it.

Reply to  Sam West
April 28, 2018 11:48 AM

You’re welcome, Sam – keep up the good work!