New Band of the Day: Artisfiction


Another band playing Les-Fest in June is Artisfiction (or Art.Is.Fiction if you go by their logo). The bill themselves as “heavy / expression / hip-hop” which I suppose covers a few bases.

They definitely are quite a fusion of style and at risk of a lynching, the band they actually remind me of most is Terrorvision wrapped in sandpaper. That is, they’re rougher round the edges and definitely edgier than the pop-rockers, but the hip-hop style rapid-fire vocals definitely bear a resemblance to Tony Wright’s.

As I said, though, this is wrapped up on something rougher and edgier giving an overall heavier sound to the band as a whole.

To save me wittering any more and trying to explain it just right, have a listen to “Get ‘Em To The Butchers”:

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