New Band of the Day: Ravenface


Blackpool. Home of that big tower. Shitty stag weekends. A football team that play in a strip that could be confused with a motorway worker’s fluorescent jacket.

And rock.

In this case Ravenface, a five-piece (though one member is in the process of leaving while auditions are held for a new guitarist) playing what I guess you could pigeon-hole as melodic death metal. Ish. They’re a bit lighter than that but it’s close enough for those who think everything needs a category.

Their first EP, Isolation, topped 10,000 downloads and their debut album This is Annihilation (self-released as was the EP) is getting good reviews. In fact so good that I just decided to buy their more recent offering (Divided Kingdoms) after listening to the YouTube video beneath.

You can download This is Annihilation from the evil Apple iTunes store or get a proper CD copy of Divided Kingdoms (£5 plus a very reasonably £1 P&P within the UK) from Big Cartel.

As well as an upcoming tour in April (details on their facebook page), they’re playing the Friday night at Scotland’s Les-Fest festival in June.

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