New Band of the Day: Dead Samaritan

Dead Samaritan
Dead Samaritan

Formed in 2001, but going under the name of Dead Samaritan since 2003, this death/thrash combo from Finland should be releasing a second album in the new year through Metal Revelation. They signed a worldwide deal with them this year.

They already have one album – The Only Good Samaritan… – plus a demo and a handful of compilation appearances to their name. I also note that they hail from Tampere, which seems to be the Home of Metal as far as Finland is concerned. Most of the bands from that country who I’ve covered seem to live there. Maybe it’s that Lordi influence!

Their sound is a fairly traditional death metal one, but none the worse for it. With female lead vocals, and some great guitar work there are some surprisingly catchy songs in their catalogue. Very easy to get into and bash your head to.

As ever, a ton of links below and a sample. Enjoy!

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