Gig Review: Damnation Presents A Night of Salvation (Live Stream) – Leeds Uni, 5th November 2021

Before this year’s Damnation Festival the aptly named Night of Salvation took place and as there was a huge demand the event was live-streamed by the festival via Hotel Radio.

This did have one huge difference from most live streams in recent times – a full crowd! It was fabulous to see and even though I was under a huge blanket, rum in hand watching on the TV, I could feel how good the atmosphere was.

Akercocke kicked off proceedings celebrating 20 years of Goat of Mendes by playing the album in full. This was the performance of the night as the album is my go-to from Akercocke. Not only did I buy it the day it was released, but it’s an album that still gets played regularly. Seeing the band fully suited once again only added to the aesthetic with just the right amount of Satanic magistery.

Now, Svalbard is a band I have been meaning to check out for a while. I know of Serena Cherry’s solo project Noctule so what better way to see them perform live. The band played their latest album When I Die, Will I Get Better? in full. Next morning this was the first album I put on and I can safely say they are now on my radar.

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Orange Goblin are still not capable of playing a bad set from what I can still see and hear. They are consistently stellar and completely own the stage as they are no strangers to the Damnation crowd. Neither were the final band of the evening, Raging Speedhorn who performed their self titled debut album in full.

Nearly five hours of great music which Hotel Radio did a wonderful job of covering. The stream proved so popular in fact that it was extended from a 48 hour release to a week.

A very well-crafted live communion.

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Akercocke: facebook | twitter | instagram | spotify

Svalbard: facebook | twitter | instagram | spotify | bandcamp

Orange Gobilin: official | facebook | twitter | spotify

Raging Speedhorn: facebooktwitter | instagram | spotify | bandcamp

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