Single Review: Disconnected – “Life Will Always Find Its Way”

A new band on is, French melodic metallers Disconnected are about to release the first single / video from their upcoming album We Are Disconnected. The album’s out in April 2022, but the single comes out this Friday. We’ve had a chance to listen to it and see the video, which we’ll have on these pages for you at the end of the week.

Musically, Disconnected are a very “modern” metal band with a full-on and slightly technical sound. The instruments are nicely busy with plenty of layers while the vocals float between a more traditional tone to lighter, soaring melodies and the occasional roar. As the name of the song may indicate, this is an uplifting number about life dealing with whatever is thrown at it. However, the video makes it apparent that we’re not necessarily being told about human life, but life in general. Mankind’s less planet-friendly side is intercut with scenes of the band singing, with imagery partnering well with the tone of the song as it ebbs and flows. It’s simple… but very effective.

Keep an eye out for it when we throw it onto your screens this Friday!

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Disconnected: facebook | instagram | spotify | youtube

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