Album Review: Defod – The Lengthening Shadow

The ritualistic sounds from North Wales, inspired by the landscape and ancient monuments, are once again ready to invade your ear canals as Defod return with new release The Lengthening Shadow.

This album couldn’t have been released at a more appropriate time of the year. It’s cold and dark more than it is light, and the opening instrumental “Ritual ii” sets the mood perfectly for not only this release, but for the following track “The Burning Intent”.

My highlight track of the album is up next, “Possessor of the Golden Sickle”. I absolutely adore the slower pace and dual effect vocals with gives the track a tinge of doom metal whilst still maintaining its rawness. It which flows into a great accompanying track, “To Conquer Dark Within”.

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“Votive Offering” keeps up the frostbitten tone with its unforgiving fury blended with a well-placed eerie middle section, before another highlight track, “Efydd”, hurtles in unapologetically.

“The Folly of God’s Creation” and “Dioddefwch” are followed by the longest track of the album, “Ceremony of the Seven Stars”. This beast encapsulates the mood, tone, and imagery of the entire album. I particularly enjoyed the acoustic start to the track. This is 100% going on my next radio show for sure.

The short instrumental “Inescapable Dread” paths the way for the final track, “Glaw”, which has some of my favorite guitar work of the entire album.

Deuddeg trac o llwm Cymru.

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The Lengthening Shadow is out now

Defod: facebook | bandcamp | instagram | spotify

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