New Band of the Day: Stone Magnum

Stone Magnum - From Time...To Eternity
Stone Magnum – From Time…To Eternity

Time for some doom metal courtesy of Michigan City, Indiana‘s Stone Magnum. Formed in 2010, they’ve released a demo and two full albums already. The most recent, From Time…To Eternity came out in June. Interestingly, Michigan City is home to one of Indiana’s very few lighthouses. This is interesting as Stone Magnum are anything but bright.

They really do sound “doomy”. If you played something by them to somebody who doesn’t know about rock/metal subgenres, the first word that would come to their rapidly depressing mind would be “doom”. I’m sure of it.

The video below is from their debut album, and you can listen to the newer offering on their BandCamp page (and, indeed, buy it from there if you like it enough). For the purposes of keeping up to date on their wave of blackness as it dooms all it touches, their facefart page is the place to head.

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