New Band of the Day: King Carnage

King Carnage
King Carnage

I love bands with silly names. Alliteration always helps as well. King Carnage have at least held back from spelling carnage with a “K”, but it’s still a wonderfully daft name for a band.

They play very heavy death metal with probably the most distorted guitar sound I have ever heard.

Coming from San Francisco, I guess it’s easy to get swept up with the whole historic Bay Area thing, but there’s no chance of this happening with King Carnage. While not exactly slow-paced, they’ve gone for over-the-top crushingly heavy rather than blistering speed.

After a handful of demos and EPs, they released their first album, Oune of Mercy, Pound of Flesh in March this year. You can listen to it and buy it via its BandCamp page, and get more info via their facefart profile or official site.

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