New Band of the Day: Uvikra


With a recent EP name that’s likely to cause its sale to be banned from Russia under the new “let’s beat the shit out of homosexuals” policy, Uvikra themselves come from Vilnius, Lithuania – large parts of which were annexed by Russia for many years. Quite a step down from a nation which was, during the 14th century, the largest in Europe.

Anyway, history lesson over. Uvikra play progressive death metal and the aforementioned album, Bi, has been released on CD this year by Badgod Music. The band initially released it themselves, digitally, in 2011. Very recently (just over a week ago), it was followed by a full-length album, Fulfill Thee.

Oh, and by “the band”, I mean one person called Loikav who is responsible for all the instruments and the vocals. This new album is, apparently, a departure from what fans may be used to but is definitely quite heavy. I’d call it more a mix of doom and death. Slow, heavy, depressing.

You can download Fulfill Thee for only $2 from their/his bandcamp page if you like it. More information on the band can be found on the facebook page, which has frequent updates.

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