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Napalm Death – Ivory Blacks

Napalm Death

Image by Iain Purdie via Flickr

[For the full set of pictures from the gig on Flickr, please follow this link]

Finally, the last concert of a five-gig-week. Again, Gillian couldn’t manage partly due to the whole pregnancy thing and again we couldn’t dispose of a spare ticket. Seriously, people – this was Napalm frickin’ Death! Given the length of the Brummie quartet’s set, this made it one of the most expensive gigs (per minute) that I think I’ve ever been to. Eek.

The last time I saw Napalm Death was in London at the Camden Underworld with Amy while she was at Veterinary College nearby. That night ended with me stage-diving for the first time in years (most venues won’t allow it any more – bloody ambulance-chasing lawyers and health & safety), helping a guy with a concussion focus before the ambulance arrived and Amy getting a bar job. Not a bad evening, all in all.

This time round, I missed the two support acts and got there in good time for Napalm Death to hit the (small) stage. Ivory Blacks is one of the smallest venues in Glasgow with a capacity of, I believe, 283. It was well on the way to that by my estimation. I collected the obligatory pint, wandered comfortably to the barrier at the front of the stage and awaited the noise.

It’s hard to believe they’ve been going since 1981. And also that they feature precisely none of the founding members. What is always guaranteed is a good show.

Napalm Death

Image by Iain Purdie via Flickr

Barney is a great guy and – like Ginger on Thursday night – more than happy to have some banter with the crowd. He’s also a bit of a politico. Imagine Mark Thomas only with metal to back him up. The tracks they ran through covered the entire history of the band, though perhaps didn’t hit every single album. I confess to not being a huge expert on them.

I did recognise a handful of songs, though, including one of the best cover versions you’ll hear live – the ever-present “Nazi Punks Fuck Off“, originally by the Dead Kennedys. If you can’t follow the chorus to that beauty, then you’re as well giving up now and buying the latest Justin Bieber album. Then killing yourself.

Another two covers of bands I’d never heard of rounded out the disappointingly short hour-long set. For the duration of the aural battering, the crowd was free to surf and stagedive, “security” for this handled by one poor bugger in a white shirt who didn’t complain once – not even when he took an accidental foot to the face. In other words, an excellent venue. The sound was great and it’s a venue that really suits a band like Napalm Death.

Still, £16+ per ticket is quite a sum for a small gig that only lasts an hour.

Napalm Death Setlist Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland 2011
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Ewan McNaughton
Ewan McNaughton
December 20, 2011 1:04 AM

It’s a shame you missed the support acts, one young band Shadowthrone played exeptionally well and have been praised in the couple of reviews they were metioned in. They headline Classic Grand shows very frequently so I suggest checking them out. The finished their support slot with a cover of the Exodus song ‘War Is My Shepard’ but have a self-produced album out on itunes and spotify called Into The Void with an EP due out early next year called Virality.

Reply to  Ewan McNaughton
December 20, 2011 7:32 AM

Hi Ewan, and thanks for the comment. Yeah, back in the day I would be at pretty much every gig for doors opening. Sadly, with great age comes great responsibility and less available time! Unless the support are someone I’ve heard of or really want to see I quite often aim for just making it there for the headliners. With Napalm Death being on so early in the evening as well, I simply didn’t have the time to get there earlier :(

I think I’ve seen the name Shadowthrone on a few posters locally, so you never know!

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