Bonecrusher Fest – Glasgow Ivory Blacks

[full sets of pics of all the bands are on Flickr: As They Burn / Gorod / War From a Harlot's Mouth / Beneath the Massacre / Job For A Cowboy] Now¬†this was a big-ass tour. Originally hosted at the Garage, for some reason or other it was moved to Ivory Blacks, which is fine … Continue reading Bonecrusher Fest – Glasgow Ivory Blacks

Napalm Death – Ivory Blacks

[For the full set of pictures from the gig on Flickr, please follow this link] Finally, the last concert of a five-gig-week. Again, Gillian couldn't manage partly due to the whole pregnancy thing and again we couldn't dispose of a spare ticket. Seriously, people - this was Napalm frickin' Death! Given the length of the … Continue reading Napalm Death – Ivory Blacks