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Oldie but Goldie: Love/Hate – Blackout in the Red Room

Blackout in the Red Room

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I’ve started going through my old CDs now that I have them out of boxes and in a huge cupboard in the living room. While I’m more or less mp3-only these days, I’ve a pretty huge collection and I can see me digging through and ripping some of the older ones. Amongst them are some classics I’d almost forgotten about, so now and again I thought it would be nice to pop them up here. Some have memories that go with them, so do excuse me if I waffle.

As Hans would say, it’s my blog so I can write what I want!

First entry is the debut release from a Hollywood band called Love/Hate entitled Blackout In The Red Room. To the best of my knowledge (without going to Wikipedia, in other words), they only released one other album – Wasted in America. [update: they had another five including a “best of”]

If memory serves, I got my first copy of this album – on vinyl – as part of a competition prize, probably at the Gateshead Garden Festival way back in the late 1980’s. I absolutely loved it. High tempo, sleazy, varied, shouty choruses… perfect.

I was also lucky enough to see the band at the Newcastle Riverside back in the days when it was a tiny venue, not the dance club or offices that it later became. This dinky place held around 500 (probably far less, really) and the gigs were rarely more than a tenner. This one was packed to the rafters and the band played pretty much the entire album plus a couple from the second album which hadn’t been released at the time. I recall the title track and a lovely ballad called “Don’t Fuck With Me”.

I believe the band are still going, with their last tour in 2009 including a UK leg that I didn’t know about (dammit). If the album’s still on sale, it’s definitely worth checking out. In the meantime, if you go to what I think is their official page (lovehate.com) there are links to all their songs in mp3 formats. Many of the links don’t work, but those for the first album certainly do.

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January 30, 2012 11:35 PM

I remember that album! Bloody hell, I loved it. And looking at wikipedia I had the second album too.
We can be brothers and wear our different colours too :)
Ye gods, I miss the 90s.

January 31, 2012 12:03 AM

And it’s not often anyone will say they miss the 90’s… until you realise how much *decent* music was pumped out at the time, buried by the commercial dross.

February 22, 2012 5:58 PM

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