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EP Review: Aborted – La Grande Mascarade

Aborted are a band that seemingly has vaults full of killer songs as they keep on releasing album after EP after album. After the great success of 2018’s Terrorvision, the band are now back for more with a very special edition EP. This release is also the first with new guitarist Harrison Patuto who had been filling in after former guitarist Mendel parted ways with the band.

Opening proceedings, “Gloom and the Art of Tribulation” continues the trend set on previous releases with dissonant guitar melodies abounding plentifully. Coupled with super-human drumming from powerhouse Ken Bedene and the iconic vocals from Svencho, this is a track which grabs you by the neck and doesn’t let go until it’s shaken all the life from you. “Serpent of Depravity” continues this savagery with a style reminiscent of parts of “Bit By Bit” from Retrogore. There’s also a ‘breakdown’ of sorts which is utterly visceral and slams down hard enough to set a ground-quake in motion.

The final track of the EP, “Funeral Malediction” comes into play similarly to the title track of the previous album and is just as visceral as that song.The drum patterns and guitar parts on this track are executed with a level of precision that defies belief and knowledge. The latter half of the track hearkens back to “Divine Impediment” with its slightly slower ascending and descending tempos and melodies. It’s a technique which sounds bizarre when describing it, but equal parts heavy and gut-wrenching when listening.

And, almost as suddenly as it started, the EP is finished and the aural assault is over. It almost feels a bit premature but at the same time just about right. This isn’t meant to be a full album, rather a short release to tide us over until the band releases their next full length. And if it’s anything like this EP, it’s sure to be one that’ll continue to carry the band to ever greater heights.

La Grande Mascarade is released on the 17th April via Century Media Records.

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