Band of the Day: Soulphernus

We covered Crown of Cerebellum a bit earlier this year (and damn good they are, too), and their guitarist Joe got in touch with us the other day. First up, Crown are still going strong though they’ve recently replaced their bassist and drummer. Expect demo-grade material before the end of the year.

Secondly, he’s pointed us towards Barnsley-based deathsters Soulphernus who recently parted ways with their guitarist. Joe plays guitar and is looking for another band to fill his life with more music. Could there be dark romance in the air and an evil coupling about to be announced? We’ll let you know when we hear anything, but in the meantime I’ve been giving Soulphernus a listen and come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be selfish and instead should share their existence with you.

soulphernus-peace-is-the-greatest-lie-of-allTheir EP Peace is the Greatest Lie of All is available on Bandcamp for a couple of quid and I’ve embedded it below so you can have a listen. If you like this kind of heavy stuff it’s definitely worth turning the radio down for and checking out. They seem to have a good sound, mixing in subtle tones from outside the usual range of influences. “Come Forth in the Name ov Daemons”, for instance, has a near Ministry-esque grind to the second half and is overall quite the doomy song. “Religious Genocide” is far more straightforward death metal with some much faster paced parts.

If Joe does join the band, he’ll be standing alongside Plaga, OG and Zoltar (Naazghul having left) and I think he may have to change his name. Perhaps we should run a competition…? On the other hand, that’s how Kev got such a stupid moniker when he joined Lawnmower Deth so maybe not.

Soulphernus: facebook | bandcamp

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