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Review: Fizzy Blood – Summer of Luv

September 1st sees the release of Fizzy Blood’s second EP Summer of Luv via Killing Moon/Ayla Records. Rather aptly named, this Leeds five piece have had an exuberant summer stomping the festival grounds of Camden Rocks Festival, Download, Tramlines and Reading & Leeds Festivals to name but a few. My personal experience of this band is seeing these guys play live; supporting the mighty The Virginmarys last year and once more since. Their live shows although always full of vigour and energy have always left me a little bemused so I was eager to see how their music translates in the studio.

I was pleasantly surprised! Summer of Luv bestows five full-on tracks of pure indie rock joy. A slick production delivers ridiculously catchy choruses and heavy, distorted riffs that are intertwined with intimate, relatable lyrics. Benji Inkley’s vocals range from guttural screams and punk howls (“Pawn”), to sensual and provocative in more angst driven tracks (“Haunted”).

First single and opener “Pawn” packs a real punch and is one of my favourite tracks on this EP. Fast and ferocious, this is a real punk number delivered at full throttle. The depth of sound gives it a real live feel with a monstrous bridge leading into a filthy head banging climax.

“ADHD” is pure indie rock. The lyrics give us a glimpse into the writer’s struggles of a restless mind, lack of support and ultimately self medication. Driven by the rhythm section, it’s musically upbeat and will have you toe tapping and head nodding, the chorus sticking in your mind long after.

On third (and other firm favourite) track “Haunted”, a sublime, stripped back intro exposes Benji’s effortless vocals before launching into shoegaze-heavy guitars and agile, crashing drums. Creepy lyrics spew paranoia and angst. The sound swells into a raucous crescendo that I can just visualise being smashed out on stage.

Title track and second single from this EP “Summer of Luv” (despite its really dodgy first 15 seconds, I really struggled to think what the band were trying to convey adding this to the track) is a real anthemic song. Probably the most poppy track on here with an infectious chorus, it has a downright festival vibe, I can almost feel the sweaty bodies jumping around next to me as a beer shower gives us the relief so desperately needed from the sweltering heat.

Closer “Healing Isn’t Free” really gets under the skin, tinged with funk and blues it’s very different to the rest of the EP but still has Fizzy Blood’s stamp all over it. Bitter feelings of unjust lyrics are delivered with the very emotions that drive them, an admirable skill that not all bands pull off these days.

Honestly, this EP left me wanting for more. Tightly produced, you’ll hear influences from all your favourite alt rock bands out there, but it’s original all on its own. Delving into feelings of guilt, regret, highs, comedowns and all the anxieties that go with that, there’s something everyone can relate to on here both musically and lyrically. Fizzy Blood show huge potential for a band very much in their infancy.

Fizzy Blood: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud

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