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Review: Mexican Chili Funeral Party – Mexican Warriors’ Revenge

Mexican Chili Funeral Party formed in 2009 in Milan, Italy. Mexican Chili Funeral Party are a band not a political party, so don’t be fooled by ‘party’ at the end of Mexican Chili Funeral… anyway. Four musicians crafted their sound over the past few years, endorsing their love of Black Sabbath, Bjork and Queens of the Stone Age naming just a few.

Releasing their self-titled album in 2014 led them to tour with some of heavy rock’s elite, and it also led them to release their latest record in February 2017 via Sliptrick records. We here at Moshville Times wish for you to say “hello” to Mexican Warriors’ Revenge, home to eleven high octane tracks, blending grunge, stoner and classic rock.

Be ready, as Mexican Warriors’ Revenge isn’t for the faint hearted. “Power of LoVe” stands out with guitar riffs influenced by Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger roaring through the airwaves. There is a competition kicking off to see who can go faster, who can outdo the other while still making the track work. Boy! These guys are ferocious and it has me firmly reeled in – hook, line and sinker.

MCFP perform hard hitting solos that will make the fingers bleed just air guitaring to the sound. “La Ballata Del Korkovihor Pt. II” is a strong instrumental. In “Ranger” the speed and vocal style of Alessio Capati, singer and guitarist, has the classic rock feel to it.

There’s an operatic impression with “1605” this takes on a new meaning. It’s very prog, with keys/piano eerily performing. This mind of mine ran off with hearing “Vera! Vera! What has become of you”. This no Pink Floyd cover, was just this mind searching for lyrics in a wonderful instrumental track.

At 7:45 minutes long, “Lu Cart” is the longest on the record. Andrea Rastelli’s drum beat allows the build up to an explosive guitar riff, while Capati blows away cobwebs with his vocal range. Andrea Bressa (guitarist) and Carlo Perego on bass are the pacemakers on “Tomahawk”, which has a touch of Queens of the Stone Age with Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe on vocals.

The album heads towards the final straight with “11”, which has such a great beat to it. Their speed hasn’t let up, but the beat is full on groove. It’s an album for the guitar soloist. Final track “Seul B” gives us the classic rock sensation of Andres Capati. He carries a note like Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge.

This is Mexican Chili Funeral Party, we have been listening to Mexican Warriors’ Revenge and these guys play rock n roll… and I love it!

MFCP: officialfacebook | instagrambandcamp

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