Review: All Tomorrows – Sol Agnate

All Tomorrows - Sol Agnates

[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Fancy a bit of extreme prog metal? Former Band of the Day All Tomorrows from Chile have recently released their second album, Sol Agnates.

Mixing harsh vocals with some angry rhythms, Sol Agnates is nine tracks of head-pounding metal. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin – the stop/start rhythmic changes of modern prog partnered with a heavy overall sound. I wouldn’t say the faster parts are really extreme enough to be extreme metal – it’s more heavy death – but let’s not worry about pigeonholes when you can listen to stuff online and make up your own mind!

I actually found the album quite easy to get into mainly as it isn’t all that extreme. Not in terms of metal, or in terms of the prog styling. In fact, this is a decent metal album first, with the other trappings just giving it personality. Yes, it helps if you like the more staccato sub-genres, but that doesn’t take anything away from the quality musicianship on display and the fact that it’s lovely and heavy.

It’s an album that bears up to repeated listens as well. The band haven’t stuck themselves into a particular rut and are happy to experiment with their chosen styles in a manner that shows a young band still developing. Some nice clean/acoustic breaks and intros really round out some of the tracks.

Picks for me are tracks three and four – “Eidien” and “Fivers Visions”. They both encapsulate all of the myriad of musical styles that All Tomorrows are reeling in and blending together.

All Tomorrows: official | facebook | twitter | youtubebandcamp

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