Band of the Day: As The Sun Sleeps

As The Sun Sleeps band 192We’re all about variety here at Moshville Times, so time for a change of pace and a bit of pop/punk. As The Sun Sleeps are a four-piece from Swindon about whom I know very little other than the following…

  • They have a new single out, “Digging Deep”, which you can check out below
  • They’re playing The Boiler Room in Guildford tonight (November 17th)
  • They like beer pong
  • They seem like a whole lot of fun

Give the video a watch and listen, then click the links below for more stuff. And if you’re in or around Swindon then is there really anything better to do than to go to a fun gig on a Tuesday night? I’ve been to Swindon. The answer is “no, there isn’t” so get your arses to the Boiler Room!

As The Sun Sleeps: facebook | youtube | bandcamp | instagram

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