Band of the Day: Layby

Layby - Life's Great IllusionsBouncing out of Nottingham with cheery riffs and shouty vocals come pop-punkers Layby.

The band released their second EP, Life’s Great Illusions, in April and you can check out a song from it below. It’s the first with their new vocalist Miles Kent after their original singer left at the end of 2014, but what I’ve heard I like. Many pop/punk acts lean heavily on the pop side of the fence, but Layby are very much punk first, pop second.

Now I could go on about it as much as I like, but the great thing is that the band have released the EP for free (or a generous donation) via bandcamp. To me, Layby are a nice change with their harsher tones and catchy rhythms working well together. Their music is bouncy yet still has that rebellious edge for which punk was justly famous back in the day.

Layby: facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | bandcamp

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