Live Band Profile – Badgerfest 2019

October 18th at the Bread Shed in Manchester will see Badgerfest in all its glory with twenty-two bands over two days for little more than £20. That’s approximately £1 per band and with a sterling line up on show, you will not see a better bargain anywhere. Badgerfest is the idea of one man, namely John Badger, who has set up this event giving local and UK underground bands an opportunity to play at a festival. And if last year was anything to go by, it will sell out!

Badgerfest is only in its third year but has already grown from its first year in the sold-out Star and Garter to its new home in the Manchester Bread Shed. Signs are good for further expansion and applications for bands for next year are already being taken. As this is a two day festival, Moshville Times will give you a rundown of each of the bands performing. Support your local underground scene and keep it alive.

Desecration (Headliner)

These Welsh grave robbers have been loitering around the underground now for decades and if you have never heard of them before then what the hell have you been doing? To keep the powers that be gossiping, Desecration love to stir up a bit of controversy now and again, keeping the name of Desecration in people’s minds what with their colourful choice of artwork and the subject matter of their lyrics. The good thing about Desecration is that they know how to mix the old with the new when it comes to death metal and are a must see at Badgerfest. Check them out here.


Kinasis from the Somerset have been regularly featured within the pages of Moshville Times simply because they are that darn good. Mixing technical metal with extreme metal, think Strapping Young Lad with death vocals, then you will have a fair idea where they are coming from. They refuse to be categorised into one sub genre but instead instil groove, creative time changes, hooks and a bit of grind… and that’s in every song. They are developing a name for themselves in the underground and are one to witness live. Check them out here.

Five the Hierophant

The purpose of Badgerfest is to play well-established acts as well as obscure new acts that many punters will not have heard of before and turn them into new fans for the band. One such obscure act is Five the Hierophant from London who play doomy avant-garde black jazz mixed with ambient passages, which I hope gives you an idea of what to expect. The only thing I can compare them to is a far more obscure Neurosis using instruments such as djembe, rag-dung, violins and saxophone to name a few. This trio will again be a must see. Check them out here.

Luna’s Call

Progressive death metal band from Lincoln, Luna’s Call have already released their debut album Divinity in 2015 to huge acclaim culminating in a Bloodstock appearance in 2018. Using influences ranging from Opeth to Necrophagist, then adding classic rock influences amongst their own imagination, you can guess that pigeon holing this band into one genre will be hard. All I know is that they will use their experience on stage at Bloodstock and kick your ass up and down the Bread Shed. Check them out here.


Dakesis, hailing from Birmingham, are everything you want a progressive metal band to be. Beautifully constructed over-the-top riffage, fantasy storytelling and female vocals with keyboards, Dakesis have developed quite a name for themselves in the UK underground and beyond. Being active for over ten years and honing their sound, they have released two full length albums and played major festivals including Bloodstock (twice), Wildfire and Dames of Darkness. Highly enjoyable music that will put a smile on even the most dour-faced gets. Check them out here.

Master Charger

Nottingham based Satanic blues rumbling machine Master Charger take their heavy 60s and 70s sludge/doom metal and mix it with the modern day. You better learn how to boogie as this band knows how to get you moving on the dance floor. They recently completed the recording of their third album of their young ten year existence entitled Origin of the Lugubrious. Master Charger will be sure to play new songs and from their extensive back catalogue. Check them out here.

40,000 Leagues

Home-grown Manchester band 40,000 Leagues play melodic metal the hard way and this five piece have released one EP entitled A New Beginning in their three year existence. The single “Control” released in March of this year shows the massive steps that the band have taken to hone their sound and play hard hitting modern metal for us all to enjoy and by their recent performances on the live front enjoying 40,000 Leagues is what the punters are doing. Check them out here.

Hecate Enthroned (Headliner)

Hecate Enthroned have been around since time began and have a back catalogue as long as your arm. It’s time for some symphonic evil black metal at Badgerfest and Hecate Enthroned will provide that and so much more in spades. Their 2019 album Embrace of the Godless Aeon is an album full of nostalgia and is akin to their early years. I wish more bands from the old days would do the same, as this album has put these Liverpudlians a few steps up the ladder in the underground scene once again. Check them out here.

Hundred Year Old Man

Leeds based sextet Hundred Year Old Man play metal full of emotion with their drone, doom and sludge infused post-metal. Rather than follow a lot of post-metal bands in the school of Neurosis and Isis, Hundred Year Old Man create an ambient and atmospheric sound before the guitars come in and add layer upon layer of savage post-metal. Having released their debut album Breaching last year to huge acclaim, be prepared to be smothered in a beautiful mix of ambience and riffs. Check them out here.


Having formed in 2014 and having more or less the same line up from the beginning regulars on the pages on Moshville Times, Mortishead will play their brand of groove laden death metal. Having two EPs in their discography, Mortishead show professionalism in their music beyond their years and will be sure to send shock waves at Badgerfest. This sextet will have the place jumping. Check them out here.


Being born in the most miserable place (Hull!), Mastiff have used their surroundings and negativity to create the most down-tuned sludge hardcore metal. I tell you what though, I wouldn’t like to meet these fuckers late on a Saturday night. These guys are pissed off and play the most outrageous hardcore riffs. If you dare not move at the festival, expect them to come off the stage and make you move. I like. Check them out here.


Jonestown are travelling all the way from Brighton for Badgerfest and it most certainly will be worth it for their groove laden Meshuggah and Strapping Young Lad riffery. Jonestown have a worldwide record deal and have amassed a huge amount of streams online for their debut album Aokigahara which has laid the foundation for the band to grow from strength to strength. That is exactly what they have done and being signed to Enso Music Management, they will make sure that Jonestown will be kept very busy. Check them out here.

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The Working Man

Erm, this band self proclaim to be “shit, hot and funny”. Well after seeing them entertain you with their multi genre defining music on stage at Badgerfest, you will be sure to agree that you will not forget Blackburn nutters The Working Man. With some sombre music on display at this years Badgerfest, the Working Man will be sure to make you leave the venue with a smile on your face and asking yourself the question “What the fuck was that? “ at the same time. Check them out here.


Signed to legendary Music for Nations and describe themselves as a cinematic, emo, visual, art-rock band and are definitely going to stand out amongst the majority of the bands on the bill here at Badgerfest. What started off as a bedroom project just two years ago has led to a debut album and a couple of EPs of sometimes ambient, sometimes tranquil, sometimes post-rock brilliance will be sure to get the crowd feeling content with life. Beautiful stuff. Check them out here.

Barbarian Hermit

With a band name such as Barbarian Hermit, do you think they are taking themselves seriously? You bet your ass they do with their brand of heavy, and I mean heavy, sludge metal. Hailing from Manchester themselves, they should be well known to the Manchester scene already and will be sure to bludgeon to death with the strength of their riffs. Having released their debut album Solitude and Savagery and signed to APF Records towards the end of last year, they will get your head banging. Guaranteed. Check them out here.

Sworn Amongst

Sworn Amongst have been playing this game for seventeen years now and have amassed a considerable following in that time after releasing four albums and four EPs. Playing technical metalcore, a kind of mixture of groove oriented riffing with djent leanings, Sworn Amongst know how to get the best out in people in the live front. I do not expect anything less here and look forward to them tearing up the stage. Check them out here.

Beyond Salvation

If it’s modern thrash you want then it’s modern thrash you are going to get all day long with Beyond Salvation. Again hailing from the local Manchester scene and having two EPs under their belt including the recent Scarbearer, Beyond Salvation cannot wait to play these songs live to one and all at Badgerfest. For fans of Exodus and with hints of Sepultura, I cannot wait to see the opening riff of the title track in the live environment. Get the pit moving. Check them out here.


zhOra are pissed off. They hail from Ireland and bring their progressive sludge metal across the pond to these dark shores. I must admit, their brand of music is not going to be easy for me to pigeon hole and give you a few bands as references simply because they are different than what I have heard before. There are elements of everything, its fresh, its chaotic, its loud but its also bloody brilliant. One to watch. Check them out here.


Wolfbastard are one of those projects where you want to take your influences that you can’t play with your first band and let loose. They mix crust with black metal and are known very well within the local Manchester scene. Singing about beer, Satan and nuclear war should give you an idea of what to expect from the band and while they openly like Buckfast wine, do not laugh in their faces as you know what will happen. Check them out here.


This Huddersfield quartet are still in their infancy but don’t mistake that for not knowing how to play a tune and getting you thrashing about like a maniac. Taking influences from the old Bay Area scene and mixing it with more recent thrash influences, Riptide have already supported some big acts and are about to record their debut album. Not bad after only starting last year and could be part of the future of the British thrash scene. Check them out here.

Archetype (UK)

From Wales, we have progressive instrumental three piece Archetype who take their influences from anything and everything and amalgamate them into a monster of freshness. These guys just like to jam together and while having fun playing their Cynic, Atheist and Primus tunes minus a vocalist, they will definitely stand out among the other bands on the bill. Snap your necks in time with chugging riffs galore. Check them out here.

Portrayal of Ruinn

Hailing from Manchester and having officially their debut EP a matter of days ago, Portrayal of Ruinn are eager to get on stage and play this melodic deathcore madness to you. A mixture of screaming vocals and low deep death growls are the order of the day along similar lines of Suicide Silence and Scottish heavyweights Bleed from Within. Come down and see them get amongst you in the crowd. Check them out here.

Badgerfest takes place on 18th/19th October at the Bread Shed in Manchester and a few tickets are still available here.

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