Band of the Day: Machinergy

Machinergy - Sounds EvolutionAs an act of sympathy, I’m putting Machinergy up today seeing as their national team got tonked by Germany yesterday. Being English, something niggles about supporting the Germans, but I’d support almost any side if they’re playing against The Most Petulant Player On The Planet, Ronaldo. Apologies to the rest of the Portuguese team – nothing against them.

But it’s worked in Machinergy’s favour. Based in Arruda dos Vinhos and playing together since 2006, they’re a thrash band in the classic style and have just released their new album, Sounds Evolution. You can download it for €10 via their bandcamp page.

Musically, it’s wonderfully old-school thrash with harsh/death-style vocals. Strident guitars and thumping drums which should stir up a pit in any decent venue. Remember when thrash bands did ten tracks of brutal, fast, pounding music and released it as an album without a thought for appealing to people outside the genre? Machinergy have recaptured those days.

Nothing experimental, nothing balladic, no novelties. Just punching, grinding, screaming thrash metal. If something’s not broken, there’s no need to try and fix it. I’m glad there are bands out there who also recognise this.

official | facebook | soundcloud | bandcamp


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