Mexican metalcore band Anathoth release EP ‘Eternidad’

Metalcore behemoth Anathoth hails out of Coahuila, Mexico. Multi-instrumentalist Nestor Daniel Cuellar Pérez weaves together the threads of influences like Killswitch Engage, Unearth, Bullet For My Valentine, and others to construct music that is simultaneously both passionate and vicious. The debut EP Eternidad serves as a superb introduction to this passionate artist.

Listeners will notice that the lyrics are sung in Spanish and not a more universal language such as English. “There’s almost no good metal in my language; that’s why I release all my music in Spanish,” proclaimed Perez. Therefore, one of his main goals is to provide fans of heavy music in his country something to listen in their primary language.

You can purchase and stream Eternidad from Anathoth now, via their Bandcamp.

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Anathoth: facebook | instagram | spotify | bandcamp

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