Dead of Winter Fest interview: Enucleate

Dead of Winter Fest has been and gone but the stench and memories from this event will live long in the memory. From a band saying that they played the best show in their thirty year live career to showing that the future is bright with new bands showcasing what there is within the UK death metal scene. A long near-twelve hour day was had but right from the very start, Ivory Blacks in Glasgow was sold out and it was a pleasure to see so many old and new faces in the crowd.

Up now we have Enucleate from Edinburgh with band members who are in what seems like fifty projects all at the same time. We catch up with Ali and Nick about all things Enucleate (try saying that on Moshville Radio) and find out why we need another stellar death metal project within the Scottish death metal scene. Nick… bring the mic closer to your mouth next time!

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