Exaversum to release “To Live And Die With” on April 15th

Exaversum are yet another new one on us and the band mailed us directly to let us know of their existence. Their dark, evil, twisted and above all loud existence. Their debut album To Live And Die With is out soon and you can listen to a couple of tracks over on Bandcamp. We did. And now I want to sacrifice goats, burn churches and eat children*.

This is definitely black metal of the blackest black. No frills other than superb production. The cymbals crash without drowning anything out, the drums absolutely thud, guitars are fast and frenetic, vocals low and growly. I mean, it ticks all the boxes it should and it ticks them in blood. Of virgins. Virgin goats.

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If this genre is your bag, you definitely want to go and give the songs a listen. Hell, we’ve made it easy by embedding the Bandcamp stream below.

Pre-orders have started already for both cassette (£6.66, naturally, and limited to 20 copies) and digital (50p – a steal!) versions with release being April 15th via Marwolaeth Records.

* No I don’t – but if you read the Daily Mail you probably think I do anyway

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Exaversum: facebook | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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