Rock Radio Glasgow granted license to broadcast by Ofcom

We are hugely delighted to bring you the news that Rock Radio will once again be broadcasting across/around Glasgow – and on a larger range than before. After a concerted effort by the RR crew, supported by fans old and new, Ofcom announced this afternoon that they were the winning bid out of the four put in.

96.3 Rock RadioThis is incredibly good news for those of us in the area. Rock Radio was a beacon of what radio should be for a good length of time, until someone in a suit (and probably a pony-tail) decided that they understood their audience better than their staff who. Thing is, their staff were their audience, that’s why we all listened to them so much. As Moshville Times crewmember David pointed out to me earlier, people followed the DJs when the old Rock Radio started to fragment. Some went to other stations, some went online, all maintained their individual fanbases.

And now they’re back. Better, they’re back under their own management. No more clueless, faceless money-men making daft decisions. What we now have – or will do shortly – is a station run by fans, for fans. A station with great links to the community. A station that plays music that people who check out this website love.

Metal horns and drinking horns raised tonight to everyone at Rock Radio for all their efforts and we can’t wait to hear the first test broadcasts!

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