Review: Dusks Embrace – ReAwakening

Grandeur, majesty, and beauty: all desirable traits in music, but also difficult to achieve. Oregon’s Dusks Embrace succeed where other melodic prog bands fail, at least in the “sweeping majesty” stakes, thanks to elaborate chords and Aldo Calrissian’s tenor vocals.

album-coverDusks Embrace have always consistently delivered. They have been recording and releasing material on a regular basis since 2009. Their newest release, ReAwakening, is a fine addition to the band’s body of work. Aside from its majestic qualities, the album features stripped-down guitar structures which sit well with their progressive rock leanings on this outing. A sense of space amplifies the album’s grandiose feel.

ReAwakening offers an approachable taste of the band’s fare. The verses mostly steer clear of catchy repetition; guitar riffs lock into simple hooks, giving more room for the non-metal side of the music to come through. Low acoustic notes and synths are allowed more room to play, without crowding out the rest of the band’s sound. Although the album is more accessible than Dusks Embrace’s previous releases, it also gives truth to the adage that “less is more.” On ReAwakening, there is more space, more atmosphere, and more majesty, without overcomplicating the music.

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