Rock Radio Glasgow – making a comeback?

Rock Radio crew 2007
Can we recreate 2007?

In case you’ve missed the flurry of posts on facebook, the last decent radio station on Glasgow’s airwaves may be making a comeback. Launched in 2007, it actually played proper rock, not the watered down crap that advertising execs and studio heads seem to think passes for it. If your station’s heaviest output can be attributed to Now That’s What I Call Rock Music Vol 2 then you’re doing it wrong.

Rock Radio did it right.

And then they were bought out. And rebranded (as Real XS). And gelded by Capital Group. The same company that took London’s edgy XFM station and turned it into just another bland Radio 1 knockoff (without the specialty programmes), even going so far as to give professional gobshite Chris Moyles a job. I gather it’s been rebranded again, such is the uncertainty within the radio industry which seems to be run by people who make money from designing logos.

Anyway, members of the core group of presenters of Rock Radio are making noises about restarting this prized station. While no concrete plans have been announced, plans for plans have been. OK, so it’s vague but it’s genuine and the names behind it – Tom Russell and Ted Rock amongst others – are not known for shying away from a challenge.

Currently there are two sources of information. There’s the new facebook page and the official website where you can sign up to be mailed updates as and when things happen.

Without exception, all of the Crew of Moshville Times who are based in the catchment area for the station are excited. Rock Radio was always one of those stations that had a great vibe to it. It really connected to listeners in a way that most mainstream stations could only hope for. The passion for this much-maligned set of musical genres was shared by the presenters and staff as much as the listeners and this came through when listening to every single show.

Horns up, Rock Radio, and here’s hoping things go to plan. We await the day we can program the frequency back into our car stereos!

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September 10, 2016 6:13 PM

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