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[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Plucking a new geographical area from the metal map, today’s Band are from The Azores (Açores in the native tongue) – part of Portugal, but not an actual region we’ve featured before.

Through the Silence formed in 2012 and are based on the island of Terceira, one of the largest of the Azores and one which has apparently had people on it for longer than 2000 years. From Wikipedia: “The island of Terceira consists of four overlapping stratovolcanoes built over a geologic structure called the Terceira Rift.” If that doesn’t sound like a place to foster metal, I don’t know what is.

The band themselves are a metalcore act with five members. They released a demo in 2013 and an EP in December 2014, featuring five original tracks.

A couple of the tracks are available online (youtube / reverbnation, links below) and are well worth checking out. “Dawn of Sorrow” in particular manages to add an extra layer to the usual metalcore aggression, with clever dual guitar work.

As far as I can figure out, copies of the EP are only available direct from the band at a cost of €6. For ordering details, drop them an email: throughthesilencept at that there google dot com (unencrypt for proper address to foil spammers).

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