Rabidfest interview: Reveller

Rabidfest is in its fifth year and had some amazing local and UK acts playing their festival this year, which included headliners Blaze Bayley on Saturday and Bound in Fear on the Sunday. This was an extremely well run event courtesy of the Rabidfest team and if you are ever in the Oxford area in November, then this is definitely a festival to keep an eye on. The team at Rabidfest have big plans for next year after it has been growing steadily year on year and will definitely be one that I will attend yearly in the future.

I think it is fair to say that Reveller are a band with unique individuals. On-stage antics, the band nearly splitting up during interview, and drunken debauchery for the rest of the day were on the cards with Reveller. Thankfully all of this is show and the guys are climbing the ladder to success. Theirs is certainly a name to keep an eye on if you like influences of Bring Me the Horizon and with their latest single “Lifeline” released last month, now is the time to hear and keep an eye out for Reveller.

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