Exploring Music Channels on YouTube TV

With more than 1.5 billion monthly active users and over a billion hours of videos watched every day, YouTube continues to grow and expand at an astonishing rate of 20% per year! YouTube offers a vast array of content, ranging from streamers to cooking shows, covering virtually every topic imaginable. Naturally, music streaming on YouTube TV also did not stand aside and is actively developing. Online radio or channels with playlist curation are an ideal opportunity to discover new artists and new masterpieces.

Best YouTube TV Music Channels

#1 Lyrical Lemonade

Lyrical Lemonade is revolutionizing the way music videos are approached in the hip-hop and rap scene. Founded by Cole Bennett, a rising star from Chicago, the platform has become a pivotal stepping stone for numerous emerging artists. Renowned for his ability to propel niche talents into the mainstream, Cole possesses the golden touch.

#2 Sofar Sounds

Sofar, a one-of-a-kind experience, originated in London and has expanded to various locations. It entails intimate performances of the finest emerging music in unconventional spaces, enticing genuine music enthusiasts. The ambiance is transformed, be it small shops or cozy living rooms, into music arenas, where audiences sit eagerly on the floor in front of the artist. No opener or headliner, instead three carefully curated acts take the stage, granting equal attention to each artist.

If you want to attend live music events, you can do so without any problems if you are in eligible regions. Otherwise, you need to bypass the YouTube TV location. The most convenient tool for this task is YouTube TV VPN from VeePN. It has a user-friendly interface, many servers, and high speed. Connect to the remote server and try again to get to this or any other concert.

#3 NoCopyrightSounds

NoCopyrightSounds, a record label that provides copyright-free and stream-safe tracks, collaborates directly with artists to ensure secure usage of their music. One captivating aspect of this channel is its long-standing presence, evident through its content.

#4 Rock LIve

Many Hongkongers used to listen to Taiwanese music before K-pop gained its popularity. The YouTube channel Rock Live features a diverse selection of Chinese artists, both Cantonese and Mandarin, who offer their own distinctive renditions of various rock songs. Recently, the channel has launched a ‘Lovejazz’ series, where Chinese musicians perform soulful and jazzy tunes as the name implies.

#5 Monstercat Uncaged

If you haven’t heard of Monstercat, you’ve probably been living under a rock. This Vancouver-based music label has been delivering top-notch EDM on the internet for the past decade. A couple of years ago, the brand split into two, enabling the release of both chill music and heavier bass music. In our opinion, Uncaged takes the lead, but you can’t go wrong with either option!

#6 Colors

Colors, a prominent force in music discovery, dedicates itself to promoting unique emerging artists and original sounds from around the world. In an era dominated by gimmicks used by artists to gain attention, Colors has established its reputation through straightforward videos showcasing artists performing their most profound songs live in a monochromatic room. Aspiring talents can find an important platform in Colors, where songs have the potential to go viral and kickstart musical careers.

#7 The Nations

Perhaps the most recognized music channel on YouTube is The Nations. I mean, come on… who hasn’t heard of Trap Nation by now? Whether you’re in the mood for chill music, bangers, house music, or even indie tunes, The Nations has got you covered. Moreover, Trap Nation is widely known for providing emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their talents and establish their own identity…

#8 Armada Music

Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron, and David Lewis founded Armada Music in June 2003. The record label, known by its acronym ‘ArMaDa,’ has delivered numerous top-notch releases in the diverse realm of electronic dance music throughout its existence.

#9 Le Fishtank

We assure you that we haven’t overlooked anything on the local front. Although Hong Kong isn’t widely recognized for its creative scene, Le Fishtank, conceived by local singer Alex Lam, aims to foster our city’s music scene. It provides a creative space for local musicians to collaborate, have fun, and jam together. Notable local artists, such as AGA, Jay Fung, Alfred Hui, and others, have already rocked their performances in this neon-lit, intimate venue.

#10 BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 provides a wide range of content, including Live Lounge sessions and interviews with the music industry’s biggest stars. Subscribe to BBC Radio 1 to enjoy your favorite artists performing covers and engaging with the music community on a personal level. This global radio station brings the latest music from around the world to music enthusiasts everywhere.


There are many music channels on YouTube, but a lot depends on your interests. The good thing is that you can choose the channel that best suits your interests. Whether you love rock music or are looking for background music for a productive workday, you can find your choice in this list of music channels.

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