Interview: Promethium

I have a cheek to call this an interview. Speaking to Promethium and Dan Lovett-Horn in particular, interviews just turn into a laugh a minute conversation where there is no requirement to have any questions prepared.

I could talk to Promethium all night and after the review of their latest album Bleeding the Ghost, these cheeky Lancaster chaps had plenty to say about it, how the band was formed and what touring plans they have.

If you like your heavy metal the NWOBHM way with a touch of Annihilator, you cannot go far wrong with Promethium. You could go as far to say that Dan is the Lancaster Jeff Waters but I just like to say that talking to these guys is a breeze and could certainly talk more often. Promethium… let’s make that happen!

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Bleeding the Ghost is out November 24th

Promethium: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | reverbnation | spotify | youtube

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