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Interview (Part 2): Kelly from The Dollyrots

Fresh off the back of the little matter of introducing mini-Dollyrot number 2 to the world, Kelly Ogden and her partner-in-crime Luis Cabezas are about to release Whiplash Splash on the world. It seems every time Kelly gets pregnant the band use it as an excuse to stop touring and work on new material! During a brief gap in their hectic lifestyle, Kelly managed to juggle CDs, baby bottles, nappies and a telephone and chat to Moshville Times’ Amy. Here follows part two of the interview, the more chatty end of things. Part one went up yesterday.

Do you have any interesting or wild stories from being on tour before or even with River?

Oh, man! There are always wild stories. I think my favourite that would make sense for you guys right now is our first tour in the UK; I was still drinking lots of whisky. I’ve always been a fan of the Skinny Dip [I am imagining a type of whisky, but wait it gets better – Amy] and we were in Aberdeen in October and after the show I went and jumped in the North Sea… naked! And then ran back to the venue and kids took pictures [a lot of laughter later] which I have not seen.

There is also one of my prouder moments we were playing a show in Philadelphia and – I do not know why these stories involve nudity right now [giggles] – but we were playing the show and you know shows, they can be great but sometimes they just suck. It was one of our earlier tours and we were just having a rough night. So I got up on the kick drum and mooned the audience. If you Google my name it is one of the first images that comes up. We should Google that right now right and see if it still comes up!

[laughing hard] Yeah it’s really funny, it’s kinda a half moon… ish… it’s not so bad.

What is the best album or single you have bought?

It’s always what you are listening to right now. Which is really silly but I’ve been listening to a lot of music at the gym as I’ve decided to do that, so during the next tour I can actually breath during songs. One of my favourite things I have been exercising to is Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection. Excellent, classic Madonna. It’s ‘get your butt shaking’ music.

I work out to Disturbed, I lift weights to it.

Oh wow that’s great; almost perfect.

Do you have an embarrassing CD? I bought the Spice Girls. (don’t judge me!)

Oh yeah… All of my CD’s? [giggles] I mean; I don’t really get embarrassed about music stuff. Let’s see what should I be embarrassed about? I guess the Madonna thing, it’s like eighties Madonna.

It’s better than the 90s Madonna!

Yeah, definitely, I loved New Kids on the Block and I even went to their reunion tour.

On Wikipedia you said that George W. Bush being elected put you on the music track. You have said “We were watching the 2000 presidential election results, and at four o’clock in the morning, when we found out that George W. Bush had won, Luis and I were like, “The world’s probably gonna end anyway, and I don’t want to go to med school,” so we thought, “Let’s just do the band” Was there anything else that made you want to make rock music?

Well the fact we would not have to have a real job, not having to go to Grad school [giggles]

What would you have done at Grad school?

I have a biology degree and Luis has a neuro-biology degree so I would have done environmental science. I wrote a thesis on sea turtle nesting. I was very conservation based science. Luis had already taken his MCAP, the Med school entrance exam, and he had applied to med schools. We were both like “Is that the life that we are gonna have? Or do we just wanna try something else? We will just do the band thing for ONE year, just one year!” And here we are. We could have been perfectly happy doing that life, it would be certainly feel more stable I guess. But who wants that?

If a movie was made of your lives who do you think would play you or who would you like to play you?

Oh man… Hmmmm… I would have said Emma Stone but now she is like an Oscar winner so that just seems weird, but I feel like she could work. I think Luis would be a young Johnny Depp [you can see Kelly picturing this in her mind] Yeah. [giggles] like Cry Baby-era Johnny Depp would work.

Can we expect a UK headline tour anytime soon?

We are trying to organise a headline tour this fall! [you heard it here first on Moshville Times! – Amy]

Will it be with Rikki or Mickey now that he is a Traitor (Ryan and the Traitors)?

I feel like it should be Mickey. I haven’t spoken to him yet, but yeah we will see. It’s more of who really wants to do it, has the time and makes the most sense.

Have you ever considered doing a festival?

Can I say this? Erm… the guy who books the bands for Download does not seem to like us and we have no idea why! We would love to do Download or another festival over there if the opportunity was there! I don’t think it is something we have tried really hard to do. I think the other issue is we are not really sure which festival would fit our personalities. Although I have heard British Summertime Festival is maybe something that would work with us.

Is there anything else that you would like to say to your fans in the UK and US?

We can’t wait to get to see everybody. We feel like we have been in a weird little bubble of making a baby, making an album and it will be just really great to get out and see everyone again. Oh and we have to come back to England. I love it over there. So I think that is big on our list.

It was a pleasure as always to hang with Dollyrot Kelly Ogden and we look forward to the next UK tour.

Whiplash Splash is released on 24th March and is available now for pre-order on their bandcamp page. We’ll have an exclusive premiere of a lyric video of one of the tracks on the 14th of this month. Check back then!

The Dollyrots: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | myspace | bandcamp

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