Interview: In Solitude

In Solitude - Sister
In Solitude – Sister

I spoke to Henrik of In Solitude a few nights ago and finally have the results typed up. However… Skype was a bitch. Despite testing fine before the call, Henrik ended up sounding like Stephen Hawking being put through a mincer at points. As such, uploading the original recording just isn’t an option.

Also, it means that I’m missing a couple of his responses as I simply couldn’t make them out. Henrik very kindly volunteered to step into the breech and fill in the blanks if I emailed him what I had, but time wasn’t on my side as he was heading off to the US to start a tour!

Obviously a jinxed interview as the original time I had scheduled had to be reorganised as he was stuck on a delayed train!

What I got from him, though, was good. And it’s below. For you. Because you’re worth it.

You’re the newest member of the band – would that be right?

Yeah, but I’ve been in the band for about four years now. I joined in 2009, but it was made more official in 2010.

So you worked on the previous album and the new one (just released, end of September)

Yes, I think the big release was yesterday – Germany, Austria and… Spain? The US today. Everywhere should have it by now, pretty much.

I have you listed as a “classic metal” band. Would you say that covers it or do you have other influences?

Yes, we’re a classic band but we have our own influences. Personally, I like real classic bands like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. This shines through more this time than last time.

Sabbath’s an obvious one – your style is dark and heavy.

I’ve heard us compared to post-punk bands like Joy Division or gothic bands like Souxsie and the Banshees. The atmosphere… we like a lot of extreme metal too, and that’s a lot about atmosphere these days. The bottom line is we’re a heavy metal band and that’s what comes through.

Has the lyrical content changed on this album? Your known for your Satanic themes.

I don’t write the lyrics, but I think Pelle said that they’re more about Satan than ever before!  We write the music together, though. A very personal record for all of us and Pelle had all five of us in his mind when he wrote the songs. I think the occult theme is more personal now than on the earlier records.

So it’s very much a group project to write an album for you?

Yes, very much – at least the two albums I’ve been on. It’s not like one person writing everything and we just play together. I think on this record all of our personalities shine through. It’s a step to making something that’s more representative of ourselves and more personal.

What do you think of the new Sabbath album?

It’s good, but I think it’s too long and it’s not breaking new ground. It’s very one-sided, very much on the doomy side. A bit too generic in that sense, but it has a lot of great songs. I think that’s one of the problems today, some of the bands put too many tracks on an album. Eight songs is fine, four songs on each side would be perfect. I still really respect them for doing it even though Bill Ward wasn’t there.

Are you a Ronnie James Dio person, or an Ozzy fan?

(laughs) Aah…! I’m really just a huge Sabbath fan. I even like some of the Tony Martin albums, but I tend to like most of the Sabbath albums. In the end, I’d go with Ozzy and the first six records!

I gather you’re about to begin a tour with Watain?

Yes, I fly out on Friday to New York and then on to the start of the tour. We’ll be away for one month exactly; leave on the 4th and come home on the 5th of November.

Watain are a band you already know – Gottfrid guested on one of their albums?

Yes, he’s on a B-side of one of the singles and Watain have guested on our stuff as well! We know them really well – toured with them before, too. So we’re really looking forward to it. A good few weeks with friends on the road! We plan to represent Sweden in the US.

[As ever, thanks to Andy at Metal Blade for organising the interview and for Henrik for giving up his time and talking to me at a ridiculous time in the Swedish evening!]

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November 6, 2013 10:25 PM

[…] as In Solitude were kind enough to give me some time for an interview (much as Skype did its best to fuck it up) before heading off for their US tour, I’m happy to […]