New Band of the Day: Øresund Space Collective

Øresund Space Collective - Organic Earthly Floatation
Øresund Space Collective – Organic Earthly Floatation

Øresund Space Collective are another band who aren’t new, but who I’ve just heard of. Totalling six members (quite a few form another band, Papir) they’re based in Denmark where their latest release was recorded.

They’ve been around since 2006, and Organic Earthly Flotation will be their sixteenth release in that fairly brief period. They’re a prog rock band in the truest/most classical sense and their official web page proclaims the music to be Totally Improvised Space Rock!

Well, it certainly has the wooshy sounds which give it a wonderfully 60’s-era spacey feeling. The twin guitars are backed by bass, drums and a variety of keyed instruments handled by two members of the band. Looking at the photos of them in the studio, I’d feel amateurish if I just referred to them as “keyboards”.

This new release only has four tracks, though the running length is still around 48 minutes. It’s available as a download (or will be shortly – release is due in November), or as a limited edition twin-disc gatefold vinyl version. Cool.

I’ve mentioned this countless times, but I’m not a prog fan to any real extent. However, I must say that I found OSC’s stuff very easy to listen to. Nothing sounds forced or crammed in for the sake of it, and it’s truly improvised then I’m even more impressed as the longer tracks just seem to flow naturally.

There’s one of the tracks from the album embedded below (if this is one of the instances where bandcamp players work – in case it isn’t, here’s a link until it’s fixed). If prog is your thing then give it a listen. As I mentioned earlier, they’ve got quite the back catalogue to catch up on if you decide you like it. Talking of liking, here’s a link to their facefart page as well.

Personally, I can see myself sat in a comfy chair reading a book, my toe gently tapping with this album pumping through some headphones so the kids don’t disturb me.

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