Band of the Day Revisited – Dark Habits release EP

Yeah, yeah, I know – we only featured them yesterday. But with the release of Cave Paintings today, we just wanted to give you lot a nudge so you could listen to it. Dark Habits have kindly allowed us to embed the stream below.

You can stream it or buy it for download with a name-your-price fee. Like it? Get ’em a pint. Each!

The EP is mix of black metal, hardcore, industrial and extreme violence. A more severe pounding your ears are very unlikely to suffer this side of asking Mike Tyson to punch you repeatedly on the sides of the head.

Dark Habits: facebook | bandcamp | soundcloud

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February 8, 2023 6:10 PM

I liked this album A LOT. Any chance you know what happened to them? It’s been like 6 years, so I’d be surprised if you even read this comment in the first place, hahaha.