Iain “Mosh” Purdie (Editor in Chief)

Your editor-in-chief, big cheese, owner, founder and whatever-else of the Moshville Times. As well as all the work on this site, I’m also a teacher of Computing at primary and secondary school levels, a father of three remarkably awesome children, PADI Divemaster (lapsed), Krav Maga Practitioner Level 2 and traveller of 60+ countries.

Based in: Glasgow

Preferred genres: rock, classic metal, thrash, punk rock, death, symphonic death… I’ll give anything a shot

5 favourite bands: Bowling For Soup, Dendera, Anthrax, Machine Head, Electric River

5 favourite albums: Machine Head – Unto the Locust, Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss, Electric River – The Faith & Patience, Dendera – The Killing Floor, Poison – Look What The Cat Dragged In

Most embarrassing album owned: Quite a few to pick from, I confess, but I’ll go for Will Smith’s Big Willie Style because of its silly name.

First gig: Alice Cooper with Great White and Britney Fox, Whitley Bay Ice Rink – December 7th, 1989

Favourite gig: Slayer on the Decade of Aggression tour at Newcastle City Hall, Sepultura touring on Arise at the Barrowlands, Rammstein any time, Machine Head have never let me down either

Favourite drink: fresh fruit juice (non-alcoholic), Newcastle Brown Ale (alcoholic), Jagermeister (very alcoholic)

Favourite food: bacon wrapped in bacon with bacon on the side

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4 thoughts on “Iain “Mosh” Purdie (Editor in Chief)

  1. Hi Iain, really appreciate if you could give these lads from Sheffield a listen and maybe a review of the single, cataclysmic firestorm , video on the link below, cheers Jo x

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