New Band of the Day: Born of Osiris

Born of Osiris - Tomorrow We Die Alive
Born of Osiris – Tomorrow We Die Alive

A little late in the game for this band, for which I’d like to apologise. They released their third album, Tomorrow We Die Alive, through Sumerian Records on August 19th. I meant to cover them just before this date but – as ever – I’m crap at scheduling things and they slipped through the cracks.

I’m hoping this article makes up for the delay, partly as I feel bad and partly as the album’s really very good indeed.

Born of Osiris are a five-piece from Chicago. To the best of my knowledge they didn’t end up there whilst on a mission from God, nor did they have to worry about how full their gas tank was. What I do know is that they produce some quality tech metal.

I’m glad the press release mentioned the genre as I wasn’t quite sure how to pigeonhole them myself. I would have gone for melodic deathcore with an edge of prog. Listen to the opening track at the bottom and judge for yourself.

Either way, they’ve got a distinctive and original sound which is a hard thing to come by these days. A frequent and pervasive use of electronica/keyboards which merges very well with the more traditional metal sounds which make up the bulk of the music.

Having heard the album right through, I’d feel comfortable saying that if you enjoy “Machine” below, then you’ll likely enjoy the whole album.

For more information, check out their profile on Sumerian’s site and also their facefart profile.

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