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Interview Archive (audio): Sepultura, Strife and Floodgate, 1996

Roots (Sepultura album)

Roots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A triple-whammy for you today. Sepultura were touring on the Roots album back in 1996 with the impending news that Max was to leave the band. This was announced after, I think, the London show at the end of the UK leg – about three days after the following interview took place.

All three interviews are from the gig at Manchester Apollo on December 12th, 1996. I think Strife were opening, then Floodgate and then Seps.

I have good memories of this day – a great early birthday present, two days ahead of time – getting there and being shown to the Seps’ dressing room by Gloria Cavalera, their manager. She was lovely, and one of the roadies walked in front politely holding doors open for us.

A short guy, matted dreadlocks, big cheeks and the brownest, cutest eyes you’ve ever seen this side of a chipmunk.

Holy crap. I didn’t realise until he’d walked off that it was only Max fucking Cavalera! Seriously, this powerhouse of aggression that you see on stage is without a doubt one of the most huggable men I have ever seen in my life. And I don’t even bat for that team. He’s just¬†cute!

Anyway, the interview I got was with Andreas Kisser and has already been published in its transcribed form elsewhere on these pages. A great guy, and a great interview, though nothing was let slip about Max’s upcoming departure despite some of the questions I asked being about line-up changes! Pure coincidence – I had no idea of the upcoming announcement. Looking back, there did seem to be a distance between the band members which I didn’t even pick up on at the time.

(download link)

Next up were Strife. I think it was their first time playing the UK and this was quite a tour for them to get some exposure. I seem to recall being in the room with the whole band, and I wasn’t expecting to be interviewing them – I knew nothing about them!

Basically, I’d left Andreas to get back to his TV and been asked (I think by Gloria) if I wanted to interview the other two bands as well. Sure, why not…?

I’m glad to hear that Strife are still going strong and were due to play the UK in just a view weeks as part of Biohazard’s current bundle. Sadly, they’ve had to withdraw from that tour but I’m sure they’ll be back sometime.

(download link)

Finally, and also a surprise interview, were the lovely lads of Floodgate. This band I’m fairly sure are with us no more, which is a shame as I still have their debut album and it’s not bad at all.

(download link)

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