New Band of the Day: Arcite


Back on the heavy stuff for today’s NBotD. Introducing the One and Only (there’s a joke there…) Arcite from Newcastle. That’s the original Newcastle in the north east of England with the eponymous Brown Ale that’s no longer brewed there, the flailing football team and the laugh-a-minute “reality” show that’s taking minority cable channels by storm courtesy of a viewing public with IQs lower than the brain dead cast.

Hey, if I can take the piss out of other towns, it’s only fair I tear into my own birthplace!

Arcite (“ar-kite”, by the way) are as heavy as a ton of lead wrapped in gold with an osmium cherry on top. Their debut LP, The Escape Key, is 52 minutes of face-battering heavy metal (OK, aside from the 1:12 opening intro track).

There’s definitely an overarching metalcore theme to their music, but with plenty of thrash influences as well. The recording is tight, professional and sounds great at volume. Just as it should be.

The title track can be enjoyed via the video below and you can get some more details from their facefart page. The album itself is available to purchase online at only £8 for a CD version.

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